Bug Catchers

We hear a lot about the insects that invade our homes and cause great damage. We are all concerned about that, but some people will forget to mention that they might be eating the insects that threaten our safety and have infected our bodies. How many of us really know what the insects that are currently in our stomachs are?

There are more than 300 different kinds of insects in our food supply. Of course, it is safe to assume that there are even more insects that we eat than are killed in our homes. We do not know what each insect species is or what type it is until they are eaten.

There are two types of insects that cause death in the United States every year. They are the house mosquito and the bed bug. Of course, there are many other insects that can cause illness and sometimes death.

The bed bugs are actually microscopic species of flat-waisted insects that live in mattresses and other soft, dark places where humans sleep. If you wake up to a lot of bites and scratches then you might be infected by this species of insect.

Bed bugs bite and leave small pieces of their own exoskeleton on your skin. When you remove them, you notice a whitish red crust that dries up and flakes off on its own. The next morning you have marks on your skin that look like a spider bite.

The house mosquitoes are not as nasty as the bed bugs, but they still bite and cause damage to the skin. When a mosquito bites you, it injects a venom that is used to paralyze you. The female will lay her eggs on your skin and she will nurse them for a while before they hatch.

The bugs are not the only enemies in our lives. There are thousands of animal and insect species that can and do live within our houses. Knowing what they are can help you avoid problems.

Biting flies are one example. These insects are small and are attracted to the light. Many times they can be found in the sun room or near a window that has a lot of sunlight coming through. When a person flies into the sun room he can catch a bite from one of these insects.

Another good source of knowledge is watching wildlife. You may know how many insects there are out there, but it may be impossible to see how they are moving around. You can watch them go from plant to plant and figure out where they are feeding and where they are laying eggs.

You can also watch how the insects in the nectar and pollen section are moving. The insects are often in flight, when you enter a building. You can also watch them leave from the windows and learn about their movements.

For instance, they might fly from one bug to another if the number of insects in your building is too many. If you know the numbers of insects that are in your building, you can figure out how many insects there are in the insects section. This way you can pick your plants carefully. You want to make sure they are as tasty as possible.

If you have a friend who has a big book on insects you can go to the insects section and read about each insect and their life cycle. You can learn more about their habits and patterns. When you know how insects behave and live, you can help make sure you don’t have a problem. If you have a home that is infested with bugs you can start from scratch.

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